About Us


Tax Office is an organized body

Anna Rolewicz – owner and founder of the office. She makes every effort to inform you of the state of your company’s books of account. Professional knowledge supported by several years of experience guarantee a reliable service.


Tax Office is a modern accounting office

Michał Rolewicz is responsible for work organization and innovations. Manager experienced in service management. He will suggest a suitable solution and ensure the continuity of services.


Tax Office is a qualified team

We work in three teams specializing in integrated accounts, sole proprietorships, HR and payroll. Each of them is run by a coordinator, who ensures that all tasks are tackled properly.

Our office is located at Chodkiewicza 61 in Bydgoszcz. A beautiful interior, modern conference rooms and aromatic coffee – in such conditions talking about taxes is certainly more enjoyable.

Experience – our team includes reliable experts from the field of accounting and HR. They are the core of the team. Extensive experience allows them to navigate through the intricacies of Polish tax law. Expertise in accounting offers certainty that the client’s accounts are kept properly. While the competence acquired guarantees professional customer service.

Youth – ready for change. Adapting quickly. Familiar with new technologies. Always full of energy, eager to face a challenge and ambitious. We’re young and this is our advantage.

Knowledge – at Tax Office we focus on knowledge Traditional and online courses, soft skills workshops, professional Internet sources. Each decision is based on reliable data. And because we are many, we are able to regularly participate in trainings and fill in for each other.



You can become part of our wonderful team, too. See what we offer to candidates and check out the current job offers at Tax Office.